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The Texas Maritime Museum has been providing information about Texas' rich maritime history for over 20 years. The Maritime Museum of the island was built in 1729 next to the quay at the Kleine Werf and offers a unique insight into the history and development of seafaring on Curacao. The museum allows you to travel back 500 years, how the seafaring changed the course of CuraCao's history.

There is a beautiful permanent collection of mahogany woodwork from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum is represented by bees from all over CuraCao, such as the Natural History Museum Curacao, the Museum of Art and Culture and the Museum de la Cultura.

See tickets, see hotels near the Maritime Museum of Curacao on Tripadvisor, and see restaurants nearby. See tickets and get access to the best travel discounts from Travelocity by booking your trip to CuraCao with them. Nearby you will find the Museum de la Cultura, the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art and Culture.

Admission to the museum is $10, but guided tours with a lone Dutchwoman can be purchased for $3 more. We offer guided tours of the museums on request and you must be accompanied by a guide to ensure you enjoy the best experience while remaining respectful. Let your guide guide guide you to the best natural beauties Curacao has to offer - sightseeing places so we can enjoy them on a diversion - free tour in Willemstad. Visit the Flamingo Sanctuary to observe the birds of prey, where you will sail in a small boat with the museum staff and visitors.

At the entrance to the reserve is the Natural History Museum, which organizes amazing guided tours every day. Most museums are located in the same area, ensuring that your day trip (s) are full of discoveries. We will introduce you to the history of Curacao and all the different cultures it has experienced.

The Curacao Museum is considered an invaluable collection of art from the ancient world. The museum, founded in 1946 in Otrobanda, housed in a 19th century colonial building, displays some of the most important pieces of ancient and modern art in the world, as well as the history and cultural heritage of this beautiful island. The museum is housed in a gracefully restored wooden and stone building dating from 1693 and is the oldest museum of its kind in the Caribbean. It is located in the centre of a beautiful and historic city, with its own museum hall, museum galleries, galleries and galleries.

The museum is uniquely located in the heart of Otrobanda, with its own museum hall, museum galleries, galleries and galleries. Nearby is a centuries old mansion in the district of Scharloo, where the Curacao Museum and the Museum of Art and Design, the oldest museum of its kind on the island, are located.

Curacao also has several good restaurants on the Fortress Church, a mighty fortress that protected the island from pirates and invaders until recently. It is considered the castle of Nassau and Amsterdam, borders on the fort and church and has been considered one of the most important fortifications in the world for centuries.

The museum is housed in a historic 17th century building that has been spectacularly restored to its former glory. The museum is surrounded by a beautiful view of the historical fortifications of Curacao from the outside and inside, as well as its historic buildings.

The Curacao Maritime Museum is a great destination for tourists who want to get to know the maritime history of the island. The collection is regularly updated and the latest acquisitions are presented prominently. Another advantage of this museum is its convenient location in a picturesque harbor, which also allows you a magnificent view. For example, visitors can drive to the famous Handelskade in Anna Bay or visit maritime companies in the inner harbour on a ferry.

If you like something, they show a video explaining the history of Curacao, which is really fantastic beside the maritime exhibits.

The plan is to establish a museum to explain the oversized role of Curacao in the Caribbean and South America to Curacao's tourists. The aim of the museum is to show visitors a glimpse into the past, but also a glimpse into the future, with a focus on the cultural and economic history of Curacao.

One of the museum rooms is dedicated to a collection of old paintings, and in the other you can admire beautiful antique furniture. The museum shop sells special - designed - T-shirts, souvenirs and other items at the entrance of the museum. It's ranked No. 17 of 76 attractions in Willemstad on Tripadvisor and can be displayed on the list of attractions in Curacao, as well as in other cities in South America and the Caribbean.

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