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The New Year is of particular importance for tourists and is always accompanied by fireworks and fairs. The official holiday is usually surrounded by loved ones and traditional tambu parties, but New Year's celebrations are always preceded by fireworks.

The undeniably best events on Curacao take place on New Year's Day and other holidays on the island, which stand out as one of the most popular festivities in the Caribbean and the world. Other Curacsao festivals include the prestigious Curacsao Regatta, which takes place in November and attracts participants from all over the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the United States of America and Canada as well as other countries.

You can enjoy free diving and snorkeling workshops led by experts and night-time dive films on the beach. If you are interested in fishing, Willemstad Harbour, which is almost entirely surrounded by land that forms a large lake - like a backdrop - is marked with fishing boats and designed in such a way that onlookers on land have an excellent view of fishing and sailing. Another popular event for anglers is the release of marlin specimens over 300 pounds, which have to be released back into the sea. You can also fish in the fenced harbor Willemsstad and in the Curacsao National Park.

No matter when you visit the island, if you want, there will certainly be an event there that you will enjoy. The best way to keep up to date with events is to check out the Events section on Facebook and be aware that they happen at any moment during your stay. You can also read the folder with local events, which can be found in many shops and attractions on the islands. Throughout the year you will find a variety of events and activities to make your stay on this island even more memorable.

Visitors can see a variety of food and drink vendors and a range of other activities as they stroll through the local markets and souvenir shops.

The following weekend, the iconic Pride Walk through the streets of Willemstad takes place, a colourful parade led by children and young people. The procession passes through the countryside and the next day the Tumba Festival opens in Curaassao, the largest city on the island. It is divided into several stages, but the most famous festival that takes place on CuraASSao is Curacao Dive Festival, which falls at the end. May, this festival often lasts for 5 days and offers several parties, and although it is held on the islands, it is worth noting that it deserves the attention of tourists for its colourful nature.

The highlight of the event is the closing ceremony, where several Caribbean artists will celebrate a victorious display of their water sports with victorious performances of their swimming, diving and diving skills.

Young people will be in the spotlight with their own carnival parade through the streets of Otrobanda. Thousands of participants will dance and strut to the music of the march route.

The procession is seen all over the island, but the most lively performance is in the capital, Curaçao. The streets of Otrobanda are transformed into a carnival, where groups dance to celebrate the harvest, with music, dance, song and dance. A rhythm is given and the residents do not need any additional equipment to have fun dancing!

If you want to participate in an environmentally conscious event on Curacao, the CurACao Vegan Food Fest is the place for you. Whether you are vegan or not, you will still enjoy the dishes and the relaxed atmosphere of the event.

In September this year, an initiative that wants to have a positive impact on the environment of Curacao activated over 2000 citizens to clean up the island. The event, which featured runners from over thirty countries, began at Lions Dive Beach Resort and ended on the beach. It was organized to bring together hundreds of divers from all over the world for the first time in the history of the CurACao Dive Dive Festival.

There is also the Naval Festival, which offers a variety of military and military events, such as naval marades, paratrooper dances and the annual Marines Day Parade. In May, the Curacao Jazz Festival was also awarded with Grammys - stars and legends who present the rich musical heritage of the cosmopolitan island. The line-up included the likes of Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Elvis Costello and many more.

The North Sea Jazz Festival on Curacao is one of the most famous events on the island, which attracts many international visitors. The annual Pride Festival offers a variety of events to celebrate the LGBTQ community, including the annual Pride Parade, Pride Festival and Carnival Parade. The flag of Curacao commemorates the independence of the country from the United States of America in the 18th century and its Independence Day.

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